High Performance VGA to VGA Cable with Ferrites, 6 Feet

General Details

Detailed specification

Product Description:

– Rated temperature: 80℃

– Rated voltage: 30V

– Tinned copper stranded

– Cellular PE (coax.)

– Color-coded semi-rigid PVC (hook-up wire)

– Tinned copper wire spiral or braided shield (coax.)

– Tinned stranded copper drain wire

– Drain wire laid between aluminum mylar and braid

– Tinned or bare copper wire overall more than 85% coverage braid shield

– PVC jacketed

– Pass UL VW-1 certical flame test

Electrical Properties:

– Conductor resistance: 20 ℃(max.)

– 25AWG: 237.25Ω/KM (coax)

– 24AWG: 93.25Ω/KM (core)

– Impedance: at 10MHZ, 75 Ω± 5Ω (coax)


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